We think differently about manufacturing

ThinkIQ is an enterprise cloud-based software platform that combines existing disparate and siloed supply chain data with our unique modeling technology to detect material movements. We provide context for your data, and correlate events over time to enable end-to-end granular supply chain visibility. As a result, manufacturers can improve yield and quality while mitigating risk of recalls.

Increase Yield

With ThinkIQ, manufacturers transition from unmanaged sets of data to integrated and insightful documented facts.

Unlike traditional manufacturing software, ThinkIQ provides a holistic view of manufacturing operations across disparate systems and the supply chain.

Reduce Recalls

Brands are the consumer package industry’s most valuable assets. Consumers buy products they like, trust and know based on the integrity of the brands.

Having unmanaged production variance is taking unnecessary risks with the corporate brands.

Brand integrity requires farm-to-fork material flow visibility.

Improve Quality

Manufacturers are often constrained by what they believe their supply chain can deliver.

Having the right facts about raw material influence on manufacturing results enables manufacturers to set the right goals for the supply chain and negotiate the terms that give the best outcome.

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