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ThinklQ has an impressive vision and is seeking impressive people to drive vision into reality. The ThinklQ team blends a strong mix of technical, domain, business, and operational professionals. Our technical team specifically offers its customers and investors world-class expertise in manufacturing software, big data analytics, time, series management, and semantic modeling along with a deep understanding the most difficult problems the manufacturing industry has faced for decades.

We have a cloud-based, big data platform and are seeking people with deep technical experienced in the following areas:

  • Business Leadership
  • Commercial Software Development
  • Software As A Service
  • Senior Software Engineers With Full-Stack Development Experience



ThinkIQ is a fast-growing company with an extraordinary growth trajectory.

As a growing company with big vision, ThinkIQ offers the rare opportunity to make an impact every day in the work that you do. If you are prepared for your contribution to be relied upon, you may be ready for ThinkIQ.


Our people are our most valuable assets: taking care of them is part of our mantra. ThinkIQ offers benefit packages that are competitve in the technology space.

Why ThinkIQ

ThinkIQ leadership is in a class of its own. Forty percent of our employees have worked with us before, a testimony to the challenge, excitement, and maturity of our leadership team.

ThinkIQ offers the right people an opportunity to leverage their creativity to help build something new and unique.

Current Openings

System Consultant

Become part of the team that is changing the world of manufacturing.

ThinkIQ has developed and delivered groundbreaking software that enables manufacturing companies to have better insight into the things that influence the profitability and quality of the products they make. We have done this by leveraging a combination of internet technologies combined with traditional operational technologies. Our software is fueled by the growth in Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data analytics and connected consumers.   

The System Consultant is responsible for directly interacting with ThinkIQ customers, and delivering solutions using the ThinkIQ platform and related technology. You will develop a deep understanding of our customer’s manufacturing processes and become a highly skilled in configuration and deployment of our software, which includes building physical models, data analysis and scripting.  

This role blends software configuration, implementation, project management and requirements management, and therefore requires experience in all these areas. To be effective in this role, a knowledge of industrial engineering and process control is necessary. In addition to project delivery, this role tends to contribute to product / platform definition by translating specific project goals into new generalized platform requirements.  

 Key Qualifications:  

  • Previous experience as an OT/automation system integrator with a range of technologies (hardware and software) is highly desired.  
  • Strong understanding of manufacturing is required.  Past experience or specialization in Food and Beverage applications is ideal. 


The candidate should be familiar with the following technologies: 

  • Relational Databases and SQL 
  • PLCs and OPC Technology 
  • Reporting Tools 
  • HMI 
  • Control Engineering 
  • Python or similar scripting languages
  • Process Historians 
  • IoT / IIoT 
  • Data Analytics / Data Science 
  • MES 
  • Batch Control Systems / Batch Logic
  • Process Engineering 
  • Cloud computing and web technologies 


  • Bachelor’s, MS Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or comparable field of study  

Desired Experience:  

  • Previous experience working in manufacturing or building software/solutions for manufacturing strongly desired. 
  • Familiarity with Process Historians and Time Series data. 


For the right applicant this may be a remote position, but ThinkIQ is headquartered in Orange County, and our partners value and enjoy a high level of personal contact with our team. 

Our System Consultant position may require travel to customer sites. 



Front End Senior Software Engineer

Become part of the team that is changing the world of manufacturing  

ThinkIQ has developed and delivered groundbreaking software that enables manufacturing companies to have better insight into the things that influence the quality and profitability of the products they make. We have done this by leveraging a combination of internet technologies combined with traditional operational technologies. Our software is fueled by the growth in IoT, cloud, big data analytics and connected consumers.  

We are seeking a person to help shape and develop ThinkIQ’s user experience. This person will have a passion for designing and developing cutting-edge web user interfaces that enable the user to reach the intended goals with the least amount of cognitive friction. You are driven to stay up on the latest user interface technologies and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.     

ThinkIQ developers will be able to implement designs based on high-level functional and technical requirements. We’re looking for a proactive, solutions-oriented, self-starter who is excited to work closely with a smart product team and offers a willing best-practices influence and a collaborative, delivery-forward approach to our software engineering team.  

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in appropriate field of study 
  • 5 years of work experience developing web applications 
  • JavaScript Frameworks: Vue, React, etc. Vue.js experience preferred. Our Front End experience is geared toward modular UI Components, and third-party use. 
  • PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Joomla, WordPress, etc. Leveraging Frameworks and understanding the MVC model is key in our thinking and success. 
  • SQL: Postgres, MySQL, etc. We expect our mid and frontend engineers to understand and be able to use database technologies. 


Technical Experience: 

  • Experience with a server-side language (PHP) 
  • An understanding of user experience/interaction principles         
  • Experience with building components that can live in a CMS is a major plus 
  • Familiar with design patterns and development best practices 
  • Ability to use version control software (GIT)           


The Extra Mile! 

  • Demonstratable track record of developing production ready software 
  • Experience building from-scratch to in-use software 
  • Solid understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the online environment 
  • Experience as an applications programmer on large-scale database management systems 
  • Experience writing secured, public API’s 


Domain Knowledge  

Industrial domain knowledge is an advantage.  

Business critical 24/7 operations: Our software is running in a high availability environment with large financial impact of system downtime.   

Secure web applications: We are an early provider of manufacturing software solutions on the web and specifically in the cloud.   

Industrial Manufacturing: Our customers are manufacturing companies that are using our software to run and optimize their production and supply chain operations.    

Attitude and Cultural Fit  

Customer focused: Our software has no value until it is creating value for our customers.   

Lean: Must function well without a large supporting bureaucracy: We are a startup company, we all wear many hats and do many jobs. We are a flat organization with limited resources where the decider and the doer often can be the same person.   

Agile: Our decision processes are quick, we experiment to find solutions, we learn from our experiments and implement robust solutions. We are looking for a person with creativity combined with discipline and accuracy.  

Transparent and honest: We are a sharing organization where it is easy to gain insight into what other parts of the organization is doing. Our systems provide controlled access to information so that any person with a need to know information has access to that information. We expect honesty so that we can make good decisions.  

Hungry: The right person wants to make a difference in the world and believes that it is possible to create better and simpler solutions than exists today. While all team members will be financially rewarded when we are successful, the right person is driven more by the value created to the customer than the financial reward to the individual. 

Willing to go the extra mile: We are all working hard because we believe in what we are doing. We are looking to expand the team with people that want to do the same. We are not discouraged when faced with an extra challenge or an unexpected obstacle.  


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