Solutions for Material Flow Analytics

Supply Chain


Food Safety


Make Better, More Profitable Decisions with Increase Visibility

There’s a new meaning to “Farm to Fork.” ThinkIQ reveals groundbreaking insights into your supply chain visibility.

  • One complete view of all granular movement of your ingredients
  • See an 8% yield increase with a prescriptive view of your data
  • Connect your existing infrastructure to ThinkIQ – 100% Cloud


Increase in Yield

Get More Out of Your Manufacturing Plants

Production wastes cost millions per year. ThinkIQ closes the gap with completely managed and controlled variances in materials in order to produce the optimal output.

  • Realize greater than 17% financial & operational impact
  • Un-precedented visibility of all supply chain attributes; aggregated, actionable data
  • Leverage your existing software and hardware investments


Increased Financial & Operational Impact

Deliver Product with More Confidence 

Today’s consumer not only buys the products they like but they also need to trust the integrity of the products to stay brand loyal.

With farm-to-fork material flow visibility, ThinkIQ gives you the confidence that your product delivers the brand your consumer expects.

  • Upwards of 50% decrease in production waste
  • No equipment to buy/replace; we add value to your existing technology infrastructure


Less Production Waste

Smarter Procurement With Visibility to Your Raw Materials

With Raw Material visibility, you can enable smarter procurement. Buy the right raw materials to maximize yield and production within client specifications.

  • Save up to $20 million in raw material savings.
  • Gain complete granular visibility to raw materials supplier, location, storage conditions and quality attributes.

$20 Million


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